Tuesday 28 June 2011

Veidik Jyotisha

                  The Indian system of astrology is known as Jyotisha or Veidik Jyotisha. The name “Jyotisha” is the Sanskrit name for Veidik astrology that means the inner light, used in the Vedas, four ancient, sacred scriptures on which the Hindu religion (originally Sanaatana Dharma) is based.
                  Jyotisha (Veidik astrology) is the oldest form of astrology that is not based on another type, but came from independent origins. It uses thoughts that are scientific, psychic, observational, and intuitive. Astrology is a method of exploring ourselves, our relationships and our place within the world. It works by taking a look at the significant environmental influences operating in a particular place at a given time - as expressed through the horoscope in the symbolic relationships of the heavenly bodies.
                  It can offer answers about one’s love life, career, family, finances, or even offer insight into one’s spiritual life. It has traditionally been passed down from Guru to Shishya (disciple) or father to Son. Astrologers use dashas (operational periods of planets) and gochara (the transit of planets) to determine the optimal timing of an event.
                   Jyotisha is often used to make important decisions. People consult astrologers to choose a new baby’s name based on their Birth chart. Jyotisha is also used to make important life decisions such as starting a new business, moving into a new home, or getting married. But actually Jyotisha is more than this.

Some branches:
·        Jaatak Shaastra/Hora Shaastra: natal astrology (individual horoscopes)
·        Muhurt or Muhurtha: electional astrology (deciding the best time to do something based on your chart)
·        Swar Shaastra: phonetical astrology (based on names and sounds)
·        Prashna: horary astrology (a question is answered based on a chart for the time and place it was asked)
·        Ankjyotisha: numerology (the relationship between numbers and humans)
·        Nadi astrology: Nadi astrologers are able to read a human’s past, present, and future lives based on writings by ancient Hindu sages.
·        Tajik Shaastra/Varsha Phal: annual horoscopy (based on annual solar returns)
·        Jaimini Sutras: timing of events based on Acharya Jaimini, a famous Indian astrologer
·        Nastjaatakam: lost horoscopy (reconstructing lost horoscopes)
·        Streejaatak: female astrology (a branch dealing with female nativities)
                        Jyotisha is an ancient system of Veda that can be a guide to you to make important decisions in your life. If you are thinking about making a life changing decision, see what jyotisha say about it.